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ICSE 2019
Sat 25 - Fri 31 May 2019 Montreal, QC, Canada
Thu 30 May 2019 11:20 - 11:40 at St-Denis / Notre-Dame - Continuous Delivery Chair(s): Robert Chatley

The proliferation of DevOps enables significant acceleration and automation of the delivery and deployment of massive software products. Unfortunately, the development of supporting documents that is vital for some large scale software systems in many cases does not keep pace with the rhythm of feature delivery using DevOps in practice, which becomes the bottleneck for many software organizations to deliver full value to the customers as claimed by DevOps. This paper proposes, implements, and evaluates a new approach, DevDocOps, for continuous automated documentation, in particular for DevOps. With DevDocOps, developers can create the documents simultaneously with their working versions of software, which largely guarantees the documents’ accuracy and integrity as well as significantly increases their delivery speed. A real system, iDoc, is implemented to map, collect, and synthesize the information from document templates and automate the documentation process. The iDoc system supports the generation of documents in minutes and the instant feedback loop as well. DevDocOps has been successfully adopted in over 30 software projects in a top tier global telecommunication enterprise. The lag time between the releases of the product version and its supporting document has been shortened from 1-2 months on average to less than 2 days. DevDocOps extends the scope of DevOps and enhances value delivery by supporting continuous documentation and bridging the gap between feature delivery and document delivery with automation.

Thu 30 May
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11:00 - 12:30: Continuous DeliveryPapers / Software Engineering in Practice at St-Denis / Notre-Dame
Chair(s): Robert ChatleyImperial College London
11:00 - 11:20
Software Engineering in Practice
Hennie HuijgensING & Delft University of Technology, Eric GreuterING, Jerry BronsING, Evert A. van DoornING / KVL, Ioannis PapadopoulosING, Francisco Morales MartinezDelft University of Technology, Mauricio AnicheDelft University of Technology, Netherlands, Otto VisserDelft University of Technology, Arie van DeursenDelft University of Technology
11:20 - 11:40
Software Engineering in Practice
Guoping RongNanjing University, Zefeng JinZTE, He ZhangNanjing University, Youwen ZhangZTE, Wenhua YeZTE, Dong ShaoNanjing University
11:40 - 12:10
Software Engineering in Practice
Fabio GiorgiSiemens Healthineers, Frances PaulischSiemens Healthineers
12:10 - 12:30