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ICSE 2019
Sat 25 - Fri 31 May 2019 Montreal, QC, Canada
Thu 30 May 2019 11:00 - 11:20 at St-Denis / Notre-Dame - Continuous Delivery Chair(s): Robert Chatley

Background: The development of Cloud Infra-Services has shifted over the past decade in the direction of a software code development process, also known as infrastructure as code (IaC). Objective: Contemporary continuous delivery settings in industry require fast feedback. As a consequence, companies need metrics that can be used to steer on improvements of time to (internal) market, and to benchmark the performance of their Cloud Infra-Services with peer groups. Method: We perform an exploratory study on the state of affairs in industry and research on the topic of infra-deliveries. For that purpose we examine a series of 28 Cloud Infra-Services within ING. Results: We identify observations, o.a. the initial perception among many stakeholders that Cloud Infra-Services within ING take longer durations than those in peer companies is not confirmed, and the Consumer Ordering Interface (the IPC-portal) and the Orchestration Workflows were agreed to negatively affect time to internal market by many stakeholders. Conclusions: Based on these, we propose take-away messages for improvement, such as reduce the complexity of the environment by treating cloud infra services just like regular software deliveries, and do follow-up research into the possibilities to reduce the dependencies of other teams.

Thu 30 May

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11:00 - 12:30
Continuous DeliveryPapers / Software Engineering in Practice at St-Denis / Notre-Dame
Chair(s): Robert Chatley Imperial College London
Factors Affecting Cloud Infra-Service Development Lead Times: A Case Study at INGSEIPIndustry Program
Software Engineering in Practice
Hennie Huijgens ING & Delft University of Technology, Eric Greuter ING, Jerry Brons ING, Evert A. van Doorn ING / KVL, Ioannis Papadopoulos ING, Francisco Morales Martinez Delft University of Technology, Maurício Aniche Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, Otto Visser Delft University of Technology, Arie van Deursen Delft University of Technology
DevDocOps: Towards Automated Documentation for DevOpsSEIPIndustry Program
Software Engineering in Practice
Guoping Rong Nanjing University, Zefeng Jin ZTE, He Zhang Nanjing University, Youwen Zhang ZTE, Wenhua Ye ZTE, Dong Shao Nanjing University
(SEIP Talk) Transition towards Continuous Delivery in the Healthcare DomainSEIPIndustry Program
Software Engineering in Practice
Fabio Giorgi Siemens Healthineers, Frances Paulisch Siemens Healthineers
Discussion Period