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ICSE 2019
Sat 25 - Fri 31 May 2019 Montreal, QC, Canada
Thu 30 May 2019 14:46 - 14:56 at St-Denis / Notre-Dame - Assessment in the Classroom Chair(s): Ivana Bosnić

Student projects in software engineering courses are traditionally graded according to the features developed/tasks completed by given deadline. This leads to two problems: cascading failure of some students in the course, and “feature hacking” by the students. In order to address these issues, we decided to shift grading to grading by applied techniques in a web development course. In this paper, we present the analysis of the impacts of our decision. For the analysis we use general student performance data from four prior years and three post-shift years, their performance in written exam and project grades in the web application development course for four years (two prior and two post change), and their feedback to the course. The results show that the shift to grading technique use has resulted in improved student exam and future performance among weaker students, reduced drop-out rates, and lowered the student feedback score for the course. The added benefit according to textual feedback from students was that the new grading scheme teaches students the best practices of agile web development better than previously possible.

Thu 30 May
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14:00 - 15:30: Software Engineering Education and Training - Assessment in the Classroom at St-Denis / Notre-Dame
Chair(s): Ivana BosnićUniversity of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
icse-2019-Software-Engineering-Education-and-Training14:00 - 14:15
Weisong SunState Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, Xingya WangState Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, Haoran WuState Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, Ding DuanState Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, Zesong SunState Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, Nanjing University, Zhenyu ChenNanjing University
icse-2019-Posters14:15 - 14:21
Cecilia Bastarrica, Daniel PerovichDepartment of Computer Science, University of Chile, Francisco J. Gutierrez, Maíra MarquesDepartment of Computer Science, University of Chile
icse-2019-Software-Engineering-Education-and-Training14:21 - 14:31
Benjamin CleggThe University of Sheffield, Siobhán NorthThe University of Sheffield, Phil McMinnUniversity of Sheffield, Gordon FraserUniversity of Passau
icse-2019-Software-Engineering-Education-and-Training14:31 - 14:46
Xiao LiuThe Pennsylvania University, University Park, Shuai WangETH Zurich, Pei WangPennsylvania State University, Dinghao WuPennsylvania State University
icse-2019-Software-Engineering-Education-and-Training14:46 - 14:56
Siim KarusUniversity of Tartu
icse-2019-Software-Engineering-Education-and-Training14:56 - 15:30