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ICSE 2019
Sat 25 - Fri 31 May 2019 Montreal, QC, Canada
Fri 31 May 2019 12:00 - 12:20 at St-Denis / Notre-Dame - Concurrency Chair(s): Tuba Yavuz

We present the design and implementation of SWORD, a scalable and fully automated static data race detector for Java, implemented as a plugin in the Eclipse IDE. SWORD is the first whole program race detector that can scale to millions of lines of code in a few minutes while achieving good precision in practice. The cornerstone of SWORD is a new algorithm that judiciously combines points-to analysis and happens-before analysis efficiently, without losing precision. We have evaluated SWORD on an extensive collection of large-scale open source Java projects. Our results show that SWORD detects more races and reports fewer false positives than the state-of-art race detector, RacerD. Moreover, SWORD requires no human effort to annotate code regions as required by RacerD. SWORD also displays comprehensive bug traces and racing pair information on the GUI, which make debugging the races easier. A demo video is available at

Fri 31 May
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11:00 - 12:30: Papers - Concurrency at St-Denis / Notre-Dame
Chair(s): Tuba YavuzUniversity of Florida
icse-2019-Technical-Papers11:00 - 11:20
Raffi KhatchadourianCity University of New York (CUNY) Hunter College, Yiming TangCity University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center, Mehdi BagherzadehOakland University, Syed AhmedOakland University
Pre-print Media Attached
icse-2019-Technical-Papers11:20 - 11:40
Xiaoning ChangInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wensheng DouInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yu GaoInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, Jie WangInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jun WeiInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, Tao HuangInstitute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences
icse-2019-Technical-Papers11:40 - 12:00
Liangze YinNational University of Defense Technology, Wei Dong, Wanwei LiuNational University of Defense Technology, Ji Wang
icse-2019-Demonstrations12:00 - 12:20
Yanze Li, Bozhen LiuTexas A&M University, USA, Jeff HuangTexas A&M University
icse-2019-Paper-Presentations12:20 - 12:30