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Sat 25 - Fri 31 May 2019 Montreal, QC, Canada
Sebastiano Panichella

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Name:Sebastiano Panichella

Sebastiano Panichella is a passionate Computer Science Researcher at Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW). He is currently working in the ZHAW Institute of Applied Information Technology (InIT).

He received the Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Sannio (Department of Engineering) in 2014 defending the thesis entitled ‘‘Supporting Newcomers in Open Source Software Development Projects’’:

His research interests are in the domain of Software Engineering (SE) and cloud computing (CC): DevOps (e.g., Continuous Delivery, Continuous integration), Machine learning applied to SE, Software maintenance and evolution (with particular focus on Cloud, mobile, and Cyber-physical applications), Mobile Computing. Moreover, he is promoting research on “Summarization Techniques for Code, Changes, and Testing”. His research is funded by one Swiss National Science Foundation Grants. He authored or co-authored over forty papers appeared in International Conferences and Journals. These research works involved studies with industrial and open projects and received best paper awards or best paper nominations:

He supervised (or co-supervised) 9 undergrad students, 5 MSc students and currently/recently 6 PhD students. He serves and has served as a program committee member of various international conference (e.g., ICSE, ASE, FSE, ICSME, etc.). Dr. Panichella was selected as one of the top-20 (second in Switzerland) Most Active Early Stage Researchers (results reported by the JSS journal) Worldwide in SE. He is Editorial Board Member of Journal of Software: evolution and process (JSEP). He is also Review Board member of the EMSE journal.

He was chair of the First International Workshop “Cloud-Native Applications Design and Experience” (co-located with UCC and BDCAT):

See the blogpost dedicated to the event:

The event was organized in the context of the SPlab:

His research is funded by one Swiss National Science Foundation Grant:

For more information have a look on his CV:

Recent Achievements of Sebastiano Panichella:

  • According to the [Results reported by the JSS journal], during the period of funding of this project, Dr. Panichella was selected as one of the top-20 (second in Switzerland) Most Active Early Stage Researchers in Software Engineering (SE). We take this opportunity to thank the SNF for supporting our research in SE and mobile computing with the project “SURF-MobileAppsData SNF project”.

  • The paper [Sebastiano Panichella, Andrea Di Sorbo, Emitza Guzman, Corrado Aaron Visaggio, Gerardo Canfora, Harald C. Gall: How can I improve my app? Classifying user reviews for software maintenance and evolution. ICSME 2015: 281-290], which originated the idea behind this SNF project, is one of the most cited papers of ICMSE 2015 (as reported in Google scholar), with over 130 citations in around 4 years.

  • The paper ICPC wrote during the bachelor studies of Dr. Panichella-[Giovanni Capobianco, Andrea De Lucia, Rocco Oliveto, Annibale Panichella, Sebastiano Panichella: On the role of the nouns in IR-based traceability recovery. ICPC 2009: 148-157] is among the most influential papers of ICPC in the last decade [period 2009-2019].

Affiliation:Zurich University of Applied Science/University of Zurich
Research interests:Continuous Delivery, Continuous integration, Software maintenance and evolution (with particular focus on Cloud Applications), Code Review, Mobile Computing, Summarization Techniques for Code, Changes and Testing.


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