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ICSE 2019
Sat 25 - Fri 31 May 2019 Montreal, QC, Canada
Wed 29 May 2019 16:20 - 16:40 at Laurier - Analysis and Verification Chair(s): Domenico Bianculli

Hybrid applications (apps) have become one of the most attractive options for mobile app developers thanks to its support for portability and device-specific features. Android hybrid apps, for example, support portability via JavaScript, device-specific features via Android Java, and seamless interactions between them. However, their interoperation semantics is often under-documented and unintuitive, which makes hybrid apps vulnerable to errors. While recent research has addressed such vulnerabilities, none of them are based on any formal ground. In this paper, we present the first formal specification of Android interoperability to establish a firm ground for understanding and reasoning the interoperations. We identify its semantics via extensive testing and thorough inspection of Android source code. We extend an existing multi-language semantics to formally express the key features of hybrid mechanisms, dynamic and indistinguishable interoperability. Based on the extensions, we incrementally define a formal interoperation semantics and disclose its numerous unintuitive and inconsistent behaviors. Moreover, on top of the formal semantics, we devise a sound and efficient type system that can detect bugs due to the unintuitive inter-language communication. We show that it detects more bugs more efficiently than HybriDroid, the state-of-the-art analyzer of Android hybrid apps, in real-world Android hybrid apps.

Wed 29 May
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16:00 - 18:00: Papers - Analysis and Verification at Laurier
Chair(s): Domenico BianculliUniversity of Luxembourg
icse-2019-Technical-Papers16:00 - 16:20
Minxue PanNanjing University, Shouyu ChenNanjing University, Yu PeiThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tian ZhangNanjing University, Xuandong LiNanjing University
icse-2019-Technical-Papers16:20 - 16:40
Sora BaeOracle Labs, Australia, Sungho LeeKAIST, South Korea, Sukyoung RyuKAIST, South Korea
icse-2019-Demonstrations16:40 - 17:00
Mitchell GerrardUniversity of Virginia, Matthew DwyerUniversity of Virginia
icse-2019-Demonstrations17:00 - 17:20
Derrick LockwoodIowa State University, Benjamin Holland, Suresh KothariIowa State University, USA
icse-2019-Technical-Papers17:20 - 17:40
Richard RutledgeGeorgia Institute of Technology, Sunjae ParkGeorgia Institute of Technology, Haider KhanGeorgia Institute of Technology, Alessandro OrsoGeorgia Tech, Milos PrvulovicGeorgia Institute of Technology, Alenka ZajicGeorgia Institute of Technology
icse-2019-Journal-First-Paper17:40 - 17:50
Rezwana KarimSamsung Research America, Frank TipNortheastern University, Alena SochurkovaAvast, Koushik SenUniversity of California, Berkeley
icse-2019-Paper-Presentations17:50 - 18:00